Virginia Lette

Television Presenter | Corporate & Event MC | Radio Announcer

A short, three minute montage of Virginia's voice over work will commence playing in just a few moments (depending on your internet connection speed).

Virginia is a highly versatile voice over artist whose ability to transform and engage with the microphone has contributed to her success in a variety of radio and television campaigns.

She is known for her energetic and vibey reads (think of the "all new Toyota Yaris", Boost Juice Bars, Dreamworld), as well as her cool and velvety reads (heard on ads for "the sexy Fiat Punto", Hotel LA, Suncorp Insurance).

Virginia's eloquence and articulative skills have enabled her to read lengthy instructional and educational voice overs (Sony video camera instructional DVDs, Lessons in Online Learning for Years 1-6) and she has many years of experience reading television billboards and commercial radio and TV voiceovers.

The determination and enthusiasm she shows for her craft makes Virginia a pleasure to work with in the studio and her positive approach has won her many fans within the industry.

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